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  • Online - Realtime Banking

    We offer you transactional banking through internet banking. Just click on the link on the left (or on top of each page) to do a number of financial transactions - from checking your balance to creating new recipients or transferring funds

  • Wealth Management

    With a dynamic combination of Wealth and Portfolio Management expertise, we work with you to create client-specific strategies to grow and manage your wealth.

  • Specialised Sevices

    If you have any special needs from leaving a legacy for your grandchildren, expand your business through restructuring current investments or banking your business, experts at BAFSS will be able to create a customised solution for you.

  • Lending

    The atWest Single Facility is the first true one account. It uses the concept of debt consolidation and offers both debit and credit balance functionality together with transactional banking and preferential interest rates. It is no longer necessary to maintain both a current account and a loan account as the Single Facility combines these two accounts into one.

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What We Offer

Our wide range of services are tailored to meet our clients on purely individual basis. Please take out some few minutes of you time and go through some of our services.

  • Managing Wealth

    With a dynamic combination of Wealth and Portfolio Management expertise, ..

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    The Stockbroking and Asset Management Division of Lloyd's Accessis...

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Why Choose Us?

  • Current Account Solution
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  • Savings & Investment Account
  • Credit Cards
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  • Private Banking
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Customer Service
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Home Loan Protection
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