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  • Online - Realtime Banking

    We offer you transactional banking through internet banking. Just click on the link on the left (or on top of each page) to do a number of financial transactions - from checking your balance to creating new recipients or transferring funds

  • Wealth Management

    With a dynamic combination of Wealth and Portfolio Management expertise, we work with you to create client-specific strategies to grow and manage your wealth.

  • Specialised Sevices

    If you have any special needs from leaving a legacy for your grandchildren, expand your business through restructuring current investments or banking your business, experts at BAFSS will be able to create a customised solution for you.

  • Lending

    The BAFSS Single Facility is the first true one account. It uses the concept of debt consolidation and offers both debit and credit balance functionality together with transactional banking and preferential interest rates. It is no longer necessary to maintain both a current account and a loan account as the Single Facility combines these two accounts into one.

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Corporate Social Investment

Whilst we are upfront about our intellectual capacity to change your world, we are less vocal about the enormous investment we continue to make in the upliftment of our communities. It's an approach we prefer. Our measured and steadfast contribution has impacted positively on a host of development initiatives - a sustained influence of which we are quietly proud.

As one of South Africa's leading private banks, it is our responsibility to take an active interest in the welfare of our broader communities. We place much stock in our role as a good corporate citizen.

To this end, the BAFSS Fund is our corporate social investment vehicle. 1.5% of BAFSS's net profit after tax is directed towards projects focusing on education (maths excellence and outreach); arts, culture and heritage; the environment and conservation and a united fight against crime. This fund is a member of the BAFSS Foundation.

This foundation encompasses the social investment work of all the companies within the Allied Vanguard group, including us, (.:: BAFSS ::.) and Momentum. Established in 2003 to give more meaningful direction to the broader group's social giving, the BAFSS Foundation provides an informed, considered approach to community development.

We're in business to succeed; we're inspired to get involved.


Stand up and change someone's world.

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. For a busy bunch of people, the good citizens at BAFSS still find the time to invest in a host of good causes, all in their personal capacity. Driven by the mindset that as a society of volunteers we can make a very real impact on our local communities, the people of BAFSS embrace every opportunity that comes our way.

To ensure our approach is sustainable and that we grow relationships, we have partnered with MaAfrikaTikkun, Bless-a-Child, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming communities across South Africa. Our contribution is hands-on and the reward heartfelt for all parties involved. You can view some of the projects we are involved in here and read just how enriching the personal experience can be.

BAFSS Volunteers is part of the broader BAFSS Volunteers effort.