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  • Online - Realtime Banking

    We offer you transactional banking through internet banking. Just click on the link on the left (or on top of each page) to do a number of financial transactions - from checking your balance to creating new recipients or transferring funds

  • Wealth Management

    With a dynamic combination of Wealth and Portfolio Management expertise, we work with you to create client-specific strategies to grow and manage your wealth.

  • Specialised Sevices

    If you have any special needs from leaving a legacy for your grandchildren, expand your business through restructuring current investments or banking your business, experts at BAFSS will be able to create a customised solution for you.

  • Lending

    The BAFSS Single Facility is the first true one account. It uses the concept of debt consolidation and offers both debit and credit balance functionality together with transactional banking and preferential interest rates. It is no longer necessary to maintain both a current account and a loan account as the Single Facility combines these two accounts into one.

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Wealth Management

With a dynamic combination of Wealth and Portfolio Management expertise, we work with you to create client-specific strategies to grow and manage your wealth.


Wealth Management

Our integrated approach is built around consistent advice and specific solutions, and this philosophy is supported by five core pillars:

  • Estate planning, wills, trusts and fiduciary related services
  • Financial planning and advice
  • Investment planning and advice
  • Business ownership and succession planning
  • Offshore structuring and investments

'We believe that solid intellectual capability is essential for the preservation and optimisation of wealth'

Wealth Management

Portfolio Management

We think you will agree that the best way to manage your wealth is together, your point of view coupled with our experience and proven investment skills.

Portfolio Management is a professional service offering to private clients wishing to obtain exposure to local and offshore stock markets. Your portfolio manager is responsible for advising and guiding you on potential investment opportunities in companies, preference share instruments, commodities, exchange traded funds, and many other investment instruments that may be of interest.

Our philosophy is based on this equation: Partnership + People + Process = Performance

The benefits of a tandem approach are many:

A sense of ownership - You make your own investment choices, choose your own investment style and manage your working relationship with us. By understanding your investment strategy first (clients interested in short term mispricing opportunities vs long term 'value' orientated clients, for instance), we can ensure that your expectations are effectively managed.

Peace of mind - Take confidence in our proven track record and the backing of FirstRand Group, together with a prudent and disciplined investment approach and strong, client-focused relationship. Here our portfolio manager's skills and expert advice and guidance come to the fore.

Good service - Rely on regular communication, comprehensive administration and reporting

About the team

35 people make up the portfolio management team, with 15 portfolio managers, and because the portfolios are typically actively managed, four middle office staff, nine operations staff, seven special and support individuals. This intensive business model ensures your needs are always catered for. Research is a core element of our investment process. (Gone are days where you can invest all your money in blue chip companies and forget about it - General Motors a case in point.) We obtain daily research from at least five different analysts to provide a diverse viewpoint. Our monthly investment committee meeting then encourages vigorous debate to arrive at a 'house view' which is communicated to clients.

Superior long term performance

Our segregated balanced fund has achieved stellar outperformance relative to its benchmark over a 10 year investment period after fees. Investment minimums - for a private client, are set at $3m.